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Baculites sp.

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DK 875 (2)
Statens Naturhistorisk Museum
Peter Bennicke
Bestemt af:
Finn Surlyk
Stevns Klint
Tidlig Danien


Foto ©: Sten Lennart Jakobsen

 Beskrivelse:   af  Nicolas Rudolph Thibault 
The two specimens of ammonites retrieved from the Cerithium limestone belong to two genera, Baculites and Holoscaphites and are preserved as natural moulds. Ammonites have previously been reported from the Cerithium limestone of Stevns Klint attesting of the presence of at least two, early Danian genera that survived the Cretaceous- Paleogene (K-Pg) mass extinction event (e.g. Machalski and Heinberg, 2005). The presence of other potential early Danian ammonites has since then been reported in the Netherlands (Jagt et al., 2013) and in New Jersey (Landman et al., 2011). The two new specimens collected in situ from the Cerithium limestone in a fresh cliff fall near Storedal at Stevns Klint are particularly interesting as the sediment infilling yielded a poorly abundant microflora of calcareous nannofossils, typical of the early Danian, with reworked Cretaceous species along with emergent early Danian species. The presence of very rare Coccolithus pelagicus has been confirmed by N. Thibault in the sediment infilling of one specimen. This finding suggests that the ammonites could have survived up to about 200 kyr after the K-Pg bolide impact as the presence of the latter coccolith species is characteristic of the lower part of nannozone NP2 (Varol, 1998; Schueth et al., 2014). This makes the specimens the hitherto youngest surviving ammonites reported, and a scientific publication by Surlyk et al is in preparation. Based on that the two specimens should be declared Danekræ.

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