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 Faktiske data om fund 
DK 782
Statens Naturhistorisk Museum
Dorthe Rold
Bestemt af:
Lothar H. Vallon
Faxe Kalkbrud
Mellem Danien


Foto ©: Sten Lennart Jakobsen

Næroptagelse af gravegangen.Billede

Foto ©:

 Beskrivelse:   af  Lothar H. Vallon 
Sten Lennart Jakobsen kindly brought an intriguing trace fossil specimen to my attention. It already has received the provisional DK-inventory number DK 782. The specimen was recovered by Dorthe Rold in the centre of the Quarry in Faxe a few years ago.

The burrow is lined with fragments of bryozoans. A lining may serve several purposes of which the most common is collapse prevention of the burrow, especially in softgrounds. Burrows with linings therefore occur very often, however, bioclasts as lining material are rare. In most cases, the tracemakers create pellets out of sediment particles and mucus. As a result, only a few subsurface ichnotaxa with bioclasts as lining material have been described: Lepidenteron (="Terebella"), Nummipera and in some Thalassinoides specimens a lining made of bioclasts may be present. Unfortunately, a taxonomical description of DK 782 is not possible on the basis of the recovered specimen alone, because it only is a fragment of a probably very large burrow system.

Apart from the rareness of bioclastic linings in burrows, the specimen is interesting in connection with a palaeoecological interpretation and reconstruction of the palaeoenvironment of the Faxe Coral Reefs. Trace fossils from Faxe are rare and only seldomly described. The present specimen can help to fill this gap in literature in the near future.

Further the lack of a supporting matrix inbetween the bryozoan fragments of the lining is interesting. In contrast, the surrounding sediment as well as the fill of the burrow shows a micritic matrix. This contrast makes it a specimen of high aesthetics and gives it therefore high exhibitional value.

The scarceness of trace fossils with a bioclastic lining, the rare occurrence of trace fossils in Faxe as well as the high exhibitional value makes this specimen a perfect Danekræ. We would love to house and show it in our exhibition after thorough examination and scientific description!

 Note Gravegang i bryozokalk fra Faxe kalkbrud.

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