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Heptranchias howelli

 Faktiske data om fund 
DK 729 (12)
Statens Naturhistorisk Museum
Ole Barsøe Hansen
Bestemt af:
Agnete Weinreich Carlsen
Trelde Næs, Fredericia
Lillebælt Ler Formationen
Eocæn [Ypresien/Lutetien]


Foto ©: Agnete Weinreich Carlsen

Heptranchias howelli, labial view,
scale bar 10 mm.

Heptranchias howelli, lingual view.Billede

Foto ©: Agnete Weinreich Carlsen

 Beskrivelse:   af  Gilles Cuny 
DK 729 consists of 42 shark teeth from the Lillebælt Clay found in Trelde Næs, near Kirstinebjerg by Ole Barsøe Hansen, including the following species:

Palaeohypotodus rutoti
Odontaspis cf. winkleri
Jaekelotodus robustus
Carcharias sp. sensu Cappetta and Nolf 2005
Turania sp.
Hypotodus verticalis
Odontaspididae genus et species indet. 1
Odontaspididae genus et species indet. 2
Lamniformes family indet.
Cretolamna cf. appendiculata
Physogaleus cf. secundus
Heptranchias howelli
Notorynchus serratissimus
Hexanchus cf. agassizi
Weltonia burnhamensis
Squatina cf. prima
Pristiophorus cf. lanceolatus

It should be noted that Turania sp. represents a new record for Denmark. However, the main interest to declare this material Danekræ is its association with DK728, 730 and 731, which allows to keep in our collection a full record of the shark diversity of the Lillebælt Clay, diversity that was recently studied in details by Agnete Weinreich Carlsen in her Master Thesis entitled "A study of the sharks and rays from the Lillebælt Clay (Eocene) of Denmark, and their palaeoecology".

Although the sharks in the lillebælt are quite common, almost nothing has been published on them, and it is very important we keep a record of their diversity via the Danekræ collection. For this to be efficient, all of DK728-731 has to be declared Danekræ.

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