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Crocodilia orden

 Faktiske data om fund 
DK 558
Statens Naturhistorisk Museum
Stig Juul Andersen
Bestemt af:
Jesper Milàn
Faxe Kalkbrud
Mellem Danien
Bryozokalk (matrix)


Foto ©: Sten Lennart Jakobsen

 Beskrivelse:   af  Jesper Milàn 
DK 558 consists of an isolated basioccipitale from a crocodile, most likely Thoracosaurus sp. The specimen measures 55 mm in length and is 35 mm at the broadest, and is still partly embedded in a slab of bryozoan limestone. The basioccipitale is located at the far back of the underside of the skull and forms a ball joint connecting the skull to the vertebrate column.
The specimen was found by Stig Juul Andersen in the Bryazoan limestone of Faxe Quarry and is thus Middle Danien of age.

Crocodile remains are extremely rare in the Faxe Quarry, and so far only a handful of loose teeth are known in the collections of Natural History Museum of Denmark, Geomuseum Faxe and in private collections. Strangely enough, the only other bone frament found in Faxe Quarry is another (larger) isolated basioccipitale (DK 26).

The new specimen represents the (to my knowledge) only other identifiable crocodilian bone fragment found in Faxe Quarry, and has great scientific value as it, together with the previous find (DK 26), represents two different animals of different sizes. This is important data in the debate if the crocodiles were frequent guests hunting at the reef or they just represent occational carcasses drifted from the shore.

Further preparation of the specimen might reveal more anatomical details, but in its present stage, half embedded in limestone, it has a good exhibitional and educational value. Due to this, the specimen should be declared Danekræ.

 Note Krybdyr - havkrokodille

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